Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day dart to the L.A. Times

File this under: Newspapers wondering why they are losing readers.

The Los Angeles Times' political blog reprints President Obama's inspirational, and rather bland, Fathers Day proclamation. The proclamation doesn't make news, but why not post it, as the Times did, and pause a moment on Fathers Day for a little inspiration?

But the Times isn't content to leave things there. At the end of the proclamation, it tacks on extra language (in the same type face as the proclamation) that presumably didn't come from the White House.

"Your father would want you to click here to receive Twitter alerts" of the Times's political blog, it says.

The White House Fathers Day proclamation was nothing more to the Times' editors than an opportunity to promote its Tweets?

Sheesh. Another case of old media being tone deaf.

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